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by dj5
Mon Sep 1st, 2003 2:27
Forum: Brakes, Tires & Wheels
Topic: Master Cylinder Replacement
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Re: Master Cylinder Replacement

you need the whole assembly pedal and frame bracket it is made in kit form you can use power if you want too, make sure you get a check-proportion valve and toss all the old brake tubing and clean up the cylenders so the new wont get dirty fluid contamination, a few people makes the kit so just chec...
by dj5
Mon Sep 1st, 2003 2:15
Forum: Transmission & Clutch
Topic: can't find low gear or reverse
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Re: can't find low gear or reverse

i just went through this one, first make sure the motor mounts are in perfect shape and are the right ones as there are 2 different sizes, remove the transmission and bellhousing and flywheel, take the flywheel to a machine shop and make sure it isn't bell shaped ,if it is cut it this is a good time...