Canadian 49 Dodge water pump question 25 inch block

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Canadian 49 Dodge water pump question 25 inch block

Post by bmw2002e3 » Tue May 14th, 2013 11:18

My Canadian D32C special deluxe has the 25 inch block on it. (I think its 25, its the long one). The water pump went, and I had a spare, when I installed the spare
it turns out to be too long. I can't fit the fan on and get the rad back in.

Would anyone know, if there is a specific pump for the cars with the longer block? Anyone with an american short-block car care to measure their pump?

Rock auto shows the Gates 42554 pump for both a 49 dodge truck with the 230ci, and the 49 plymouth special deluxe.

Could be, my spare pump is just from a different model and the previous owner screwed up.

I just don't want to spend the dough and end up with a shiny new no-good pump.


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