Back up lights.

What to do with all those wires.

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Back up lights.

Post by Terra1936 » Mon May 31st, 2010 11:01

I have seen the light! The back up light option is very interesting. Anyone know of a supplier or? that has the back up light switch that connects to the transmission? It is great to have a place to ask so many questions! Love the BB! The switch does not have to be NOS or if another option works i'm all ears!

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Re: Back up lights.

Post by Johnny_S » Mon May 31st, 2010 12:03

If you are using 12v negative you can probably go to a streetrod parts supplier. Otherwise the OEM options are varied. eBay ... and several Mopar parts vendors such as Neil Riddle (Seaplym) on eBay, Andy Bernbaum, Frank Mitchell, Atlas parts, maybe even RockAuto or NAPA ... and don't over look of all places ... sometimes they will surprise the heck out of you with what's listed.

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Re: Back up lights.

Post by 194950dj » Wed Feb 16th, 2011 3:01

i see this is older post but if anyone is still interested about backup light switch: there is a plug just behind first/reverse shift lever on trans where you can put a switch for backup light and or a backup alarm.
use COLE HERSEE switch #91113. just replaces plug.
i bought mine from napa. had it on the shelf.
i don't remember exact price but was about $20-$25 bucks.
always fun to add accessories.

doug :supercool:

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