Horn Problem

What to do with all those wires.

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Horn Problem

Post by bdmontoya » Tue Aug 26th, 2003 6:11

Hi -

I'm brand new to the site. It is terrific!!

I'm helping my dad restore his Special Deluxe. We took the steering wheel off a couple of months ago to repair the cracks, and now can not remember how the horn needs to be put back together.

We either have it so that the horn won't stop blowing, or won't bow at all. I think the issue is with the way the wire is secured.

I would really appreciate it if someone has a diagram they could fax, or could describe the arrangement of the spring, large washer, wire, three sided "tripod", etc.

Thanks in advance for your help!!
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Re: Horn Problem

Post by Huds49convert » Thu Mar 18th, 2004 8:21


Hopefully you have the horn not blowing all the time by now. However, here is what you asked for.

The steering wheel goes together like this (at least on the Special Deluxe with a horn ring).

Wheel, then brass washer, then spring, then brass three legged contact with center wire, then horn ring with slots aligned to go around brass contact so it presses down the spring, then center button.

The black wire from the contact goes to the lower right hand contact on the horn relay. The right center contact on the relay comes from the battery negative (remember these are positive ground cars) connection to the starter solenoid. The upper right relay contact goes to the horn. The lower left contact goes to the negative side of the ignition coil which also connects to the acc position of the ignition switch.

Hope this helps.
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Re: Horn Problem

Post by Cokeboy5 » Thu Apr 9th, 2015 6:21

What if it is 12 volt negative ground? I have the black wire from the column and a wire that when I go to positive makes me deaf

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