brake/directional wiring

What to do with all those wires.

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Re: brake lights

Post by Turstas » Fri Nov 30th, 2012 9:53

p18plywood wrote:I am going with the second bulb soloution for the Peimar led lights. Not tricky, but it should get the job done. I found a site that has the bulb sockets for $2.49 ea. They also have a mind boggleing array of LED bulbs and flasher units, but that's a project for another day. For tail lights that don't have enough room for a second bulb, I think the jumper wires with a one way diode would be the next best answer.
i think LED lights will be good for tail lights as well. You must try it
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Re: brake/directional wiring

Post by 194950dj » Fri Nov 30th, 2012 5:29

On a 50 sedan the lic. plate light is on the trunk. tap into that for tailight connection on a dual connect type bulb socket for taillight connect and tap in the brake switch wire coming FROM it for the brake light that is powered anytime it is on with brake pressure. Easy to Id it as there are only 2 wires on switch and the other wire it is a full time hot. A test light will tell you which one is always hot. On a 50 the switch is located inside edge of frame just ahead of the driver side tire.
On my 50 4dr. it already had a small hole to access trunk just in front wheel well on drivers side.
May have been the original hole for the full time hot wire to the brake switch, but mine was already rewired to the front along the frame rail then up thru firewall. I left it that way.
Not sure if the 52 is lighted the same as i do not have any center brake light.
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Re: brake/directional wiring

Post by sunpialia » Fri Jun 14th, 2013 12:39

Generally speaking, LED bulbs are more efficient, and in the other hand they can last longer than the CFTs. However, they cost consideraly more then others. It would be a good new for our public customers that the prices for the LED lights are coming down so that we could accept that.

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