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KBS Coatings

Post by Specialdeluxe » Sat Jul 19th, 2008 1:28

While researching paint options for my frame and other parts, I found this company:

KBS Coatings

KBS Coatings was started by the guy who worked for POR-15 and really knew the product. He took what POR-15 had and made it better. POR-15 is not a bad product. It is just that we took their roof and made it our foundation. We believe in continually making better products.

KBS RustSeal vs. POR-15:

* Less expensive. For example, almost $8 less expensive for a quart of RustSeal.
* Easier to topcoat. We know that many people use KBS RustSeal as a primer, so we made it easier to topcoat.
* Richer pigments provides much better coverage.
* Choice of colors ... KBS RustSeal comes in 8 different colors.
* Brush marks flow out to leave you with a beautiful smooth finish.



Good going in your Plymouth! :driving:

Paul Schettner
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